Sneaker Season: Your Guide To Styling Sneakers For AW21

Say goodbye to your sliders and strappy sandals; autumn is officially here! Sneakers are back in the spotlight now that temperatures are dropping and our feet need adequate coverage. These footwear staples are a universally beloved style that can do so much for our wardrobes. From clean and classic Veja’s to bold Golden Goose’s, there are so many fantastic sneaker styles this season. We’re sharing our guide to styling sneakers for AW21 below. 


How To Style Sneakers

The beauty of sneakers lies within their versatility. Once upon a time sneakers were strictly considered gym or workout shoes, but over the past decade fashion-forward folks have proved that sneakers can be worn with almost anything.

You can stick to tradition and pair your sneakers with athleisure looks; nothing beats sneakers with a matching hoodie and jogger set for an easy casual outfit. But don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. Sneakers can be worn with everything from a jumper and jeans to a feminine dress. Use them to dress down more formal pieces like blazers and tailored trousers. For autumn we love wearing sneakers with jumpers and midi skirts, jeans and blazers or shackets, and maxi dresses. 

You can use sneakers with bold pops of colours to add a flair to neutral outfits. For example, a bold pair of Golden Goose leopard print sneakers would look amazing against an all-black ensemble. Veja V-10’s are a great way to add a subtle hint of colour to any outfit. 


Similarly, choose simple and clean styles to tone down outfits with a lot of colour or texture. Axel Arigato’s white & dusty sage Genesis vintage runners would balance out a checked overshirt and leather leggings outfit. 

Where & When To Wear Sneakers

Sneakers are the perfect choice of footwear for autumn. By now it’s too cold for sandals, but it may feel too early for heavy boots. Sneakers hit the sweet spot between the two, offering a lightweight and stylish solution. 

Another amazing thing about sneakers is their unparalleled level of comfort. That’s why so many people live in sneakers; they’re shoes that you can truly feel at ease in all day long. Sneakers can be worn for so many occasions: running errands, shopping, meeting up with friends for coffee or an informal brunch, day trips, and more. The only time you should actively avoid sneakers is if you’ve been invited somewhere with a strictly formal dress code. 


Transitional Sneakers

Choosing a high quality pair of sneakers is a solid investment. Unlike other shoe styles, sneakers are truly transitional pieces that will stay in your wardrobe for every season. You might want to stick to lighter canvas styles in the summer and heavier leathers in the winter, but either way sneakers can be worn all year long. 

That’s why we love brands like Veja, Axel Arigato, and Golden Goose for their choice of long-lasting materials like leather and recycled polyester. These are sneakers that are built to last. 


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