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Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Statement

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Black White Denim. From launch in 2010 we have encouraged our customers to ‘Buy Now, Keep Forever’. As we’ve watched the rise of ‘fast fashion’ and become more aware of the delicate state of our planet, we have re-doubled our commitment to sustainability. Today we encourage you to ‘Shrink Your Wardrobe’ by buying fewer, better garments. That’s why very piece in our boutique has been chosen not just with longevity in mind but with versatility too and it’s no exaggeration to say that pretty much ‘Everything Goes With Everything Else’. Come to Black White Denim for a considered, quality capsule wardrobe.

We ask each brand we stock to complete a sustainability questionnaire that reflects the issues that matter to our customers. This not only allows us to benchmark them against their peers but also acts as an important encouragement to those brands to continue improving their approach to sustainability.

Each product we sell generates a micro donation to One Tribe Global which is transferred to a verified rainforest protection project. Rainforests store and sequester CO2 from our atmosphere directly regulating and reducing climate change.

Our own-brand BWD Basics are manufactured in an ethical factory in the UK. All cotton used is organic (GOTS Certified) and all viscose elastane and micro-modal elastane fabric is from a sustainable source and is processed in the most environmentally way possible by fibre experts, Lenzing. Great emphasis is placed on achieving the best possible lay-plan with the least waste and any resulting small fabric cut-offs are reused for martial-arts bags or sent to local schools for crafting sessions.

Although most customers tell us that they never discard a piece they’ve bought in our boutique, our BWD Pre-Loved initiative allows customers to re-cycle their clothing encouraging ‘circular fashion’ (see @bwdpreloved on Instagram).

Our re-useable jute bags are made in the UK by a Fairtrade, Sedex member supplier (BIDIBI) from materials that are Organic certified, Global Recycled Standard certified and BCI and GOTS approved. Our paper carrier bags are biodegradable with compostable handles, our mail packaging is recyclable and all our garment swing tickets are made from recyclable card & string. When current stocks run out, we will use sustainable swing tickets made from recycled card.

We have recycling bins inside and outside our store, our cleaning products are from Ecover and the refreshments we serve are Fairtrade.