“What The Hell Is She Dressed As?” – My Secrets To Looking Cool Without Looking A Fool

Like all women my age, I want to look cool and contemporary without overstepping the mark. Just because I own a clothes shop doesn’t mean I’m immune to the dread of pulling a look together. Each morning, without fail. the pressure is on as I stand in front of the bedroom mirror, wondering, “Does this really work?”

Over the years, I’ve developed my eye. Here’s my fool-proof guide to keeping your cool while everyone else is losing theirs:

Don’t own loads of clothes

The more you have to play with, the more likely you are to go wrong. More is NEVER more in the wardrobe department. My seasonal wardrobe contains: three pairs of jeans, two tailored cotton shirts, two silk shirts, three blazers, three tailored black pants, one leather jacket, five jumpers, half a dozen t-shirts, three dresses, and a handful of accessories, which I wear year after year.

Have your entire selection on display

Don’t hide stuff in drawers or under the bed. Don’t cram hangers into cupboard space or pile items so high you can’t reach them, let alone see what’s available. Organise your dressing area as if you would your fridge or pantry.

Apply the rule of FIVE to every outfit

Create each look from a maximum of five pieces: one bottom, up to two tops (layering) and a jacket and shoes/boots/trainers of choice. Coats aren’t included in the five as they’re weather dependent. Nor are handbags, sunglasses and jewellery. Of the five pieces, four of them should be cool classics. That leaves just one as the fashion piece that quietly confirms your finger on the pulse of what’s current.

Work out in advance what works with what

Loose tops work best with slim bottoms, fitted tops work with more relaxed jeans/trousers. If you’re hippy, don’t draw attention by wearing a top that cuts you off at your widest part. Instead, choose something more lengthening, such as a bottom-skimming shirt or tunic top.

Don’t be afraid to wear clothes on repeat

My wardrobe is so compact because I wear the same pieces over and over. Commando leggings, long-line knits, button through shirts, blazers layered over vests and shirts, dresses over jeans and many more go-to combinations that I feel good in. I wear them until they’re worn out, then replace with an updated version of the same quality and fit.

Give my secrets a go and pop in-store to let me know how you get on. Jo x



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